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Scene 1
Ginni tells Amber that Mrs. Randhawa will come to the dhaba in the evening, can you call the sketch artist there? Amber says okay, Ginni thanks him and leaves. Amber calls his hitman and says I will send you an updated location.

Adi is standing on the road and says happy birthday Maa, I am sorry I couldn’t fulfill your dream but I will definitely open your dhaba. Ginni arrives there and asks him to come inside the dhaba. Adi says I was just leaving, Ginni holds his hand and asks him to come inside. She brings him inside the dhaba and it’s all decorated. Adi is surprised seeing that. Gulabo and others bring a cake there. Adi sees his mother’s name written on it, he smiles and says thank you. Armaan smiles at him. Ginni says the poetry that his mother wrote. Adi recalls how his mother used to say that poetry makes Adi happy. Adi imagines his mother there, getting excited about the cake. Adi cuts the cake with Ginni and imagines his mother with him. Ginni says I am sorry but I got to know about the occasion and I had to do all this. Adi feeds cake to Armaan. He thanks Gulabo, Gulabo says your mother was a loving woman and I pray that you get all the happiness in life. Adi thanks her. He looks at Ginni and feeds her cake. Ginni smiles as Adi thanks her. Ginni wishes birthday to Gurkirat. Adi asks why did you do all this? Ginni says I just wanted to make you happy today, I want to thank Armaan for telling me the occasion, she says happiness increases when the family celebrates together. I think we should call Singh family here. Adi says no, you want to call the people who never cared about my mother, I won’t celebrate with them. Ginni says you can reunite with your family on this occasion. Adi shouts at her to stop it, you don’t know anything about my family. I have told you stay away from me and my family, this so called family doesn’t find happiness in each other. You are trying to do the right thing for others but you don’t know what the right thing is. He starts to leave but Mrs. Randhawa comes there and greets Adi, she says you are lucky to marry Ginni. Ginni takes her inside. Adi is leaving but he finds Mrs. Randhawa’s inhaler on the floor. He picks it up. Amber’s hitman arrives there and he got the clue the target will be holding an inhaler, he thinks it’s Adi. He sends the photo to Amber saying it’s the target, Amber is shocked. He tries calling him but he doesn’t pick up. Amber runs from the house. Adi is leaving the dhaba, Ginni stops him and says you can’t leave your mother’s party, you are wrong about the family, you should spend time with them, I am sure you will realize the importance of a family soon, your family protects you and won’t let you get hurt ever, Adi argues with her. The hitman is about to shoot him but Ginni sees that and shouts Adi.. she comes in front of him just in time and gets shot while saving him. All are shocked. Adi rushes to her. Amber comes there and sees that.

PRECAP – Adi brings Ginni to the hospital and says nothing will happen to you, I am here. Ginni is taken to the OT. The doctor comes to Adi and says I am really sorry. Adi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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