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Scene 1
The hitman shoots at Adi but Ginni comes in front of him and gets shot. All are shocked. Adi and Gulabo rush to her. Armaan calls an ambulance. Amber hides and sees all that. Gulabo cries for her. Adi is stunned and recalls Ginni’s words that a family protects and stands in front of trouble. Armaan says we have to take her in the car. Adi lifts her and puts her in the car but Armaan’s car is not starting. Adi is worried and asks Ginni to remain awake. Armaan finds a chinchi and takes Adi-Ginni in that.

Adi brings Ginni to the hospital. He asks the nurse to take her to the OT. The nurse asks what’s his relationship with the patient? Adi recalls their marriage and says she is my wife. They start taking her to the OT. Adi holds her and says nothing will happen to you, I am here. They take her inside. Adi looks on.

Amber comes back home and recalls Ginni getting shot, he is angry and says I didn’t think this would happen. What if Adi got shot? What would I tell Darji? He calls the hitman’s boss and shouts at him, he says your punishment is to kill your shooter who did this.

Ginni is getting treated, Adi is worried about her. He tells Armaan that I don’t understand her, why would she do this? Armaan says she could have remained behind you but she put her life in danger to save yours. You kept trying to stay away from her but she is the one who protected you. Armaan goes to bring the medicines. The doctors shift Ginni to another OT. Adi is worried about her and recalls Ginni’s words that nobody can break family’s unity. He recalls all his moments with her, how she kept trying to reunite him with the family. He silently cries for her.

Gulabo says I will go to the hospital. She leaves from the dhaba.

Adi is sitting alone in the hospital and keeps recalling his moments with Ginni. Gulago arrives at the hospital. The doctor tells Adi that she is in a severe condition.

Armaan calls Supreet and tells her about Ginni getting shot. She ends the call and tells Amber that some shooter shot at Adi but Ginni saved him and got shot, we will find out about the shooter but let’s go to the hospital for now. Amber nods.

The doctor comes out of the OT and tells Adi that there is no improvement in her condition, her survival chances are low. Adi says you have to save her at any cost. The doctor says she is not responding to our treatment, we are trying our best. Adi asks Armaan to call the best doctors. They take Ginni to another room. Gulabo cries seeing her. Armaan calls different doctors for consultation. Gulabo comes to Ginni and says I trust you, you have to save her. Just say that you will save her, she cries and pleads with him. Adi stops her and says nothing will happen to your daughter. He asks her to sit down. Adi is worried about Ginni.

PRECAP – Adi comes to the Guradwarah and prays for Ginni’s health on one foot. He faints after some time and then Ginni wakes up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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