Chaos-smoke all around, people lying on the station covered in blood… Video of New York station firing

Brooklyn Subway Shooting: Firing at New York City Subway Station, 13 Injured, Hospitalized @JournoPranay | @ShobhnaYadava | #NewYork #BreakingNews #Brooklyn

— ABP News (@ABPNews) April 12, 2022

the attacker entered such a station
It is being told that the attacker had entered this station wearing a gas mask. He was wearing the clothes of the construction company. After this the attacker suddenly took out the gun and opened fire on the people. After this the attacker threw a smoke grenade to escape. Due to which smoke spread in the subway station. At present, not much information has been revealed about the attacker. Regarding this, the FBI has asked people to share whatever information they have with the police. At present, 16 people are said to be injured in this firing, out of which 10 have been shot. The condition of two is said to be critical.

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