Cheap Ticket Booking Tips: Always travel, so know how to book tickets at low cost

Cheap Ticket Booking Tips: If you also travel all the time, then this news is for you. Yes, traveling has become very expensive since Kovid. Be it a plane ticket or a train ticket. But today we are going to tell you some such tips, using which you can book tickets at a very cheap price. Yes, let’s know how you can book tickets. If you want discount on plane tickets, then some hacks will help you while booking. 

Private Browser
You must have noticed that plane ticket prices change after several searches in your web browser. Note that this is not happening because of your browser cookies. This is because when you search, you will see the plane route again and again, due to which the ticket increase comes first.  

Clear Cookies History
Plane ticket prices fluctuate depending on the cookies in your browser. Cookies store recent information about your search history, which is used by search engines or airline websites to their advantage. Next time you do a ticket search, keep clearing the cookie history every time. 

Choose for Non Refundable
You must be wondering what we are talking about but generally non refundable tickets are cheaper than refundable tickets. Along with this, you are sure about your date journey, then you should take round ticket, it will prove to be a profitable deal for you. 

Loyalty Point
Under this, every time a passenger chooses a particular airline, a loyalty point is added to his account. You can then collect these points and use them while booking tickets.

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