Cheaper in Noida-Lucknow, costlier petrol-diesel in Gurgaon-Jaipur, know what is the price in your city

Petrol Diesel Price: Petrol-Diesel Price (Petrol Diesel Price) in major metros of the country i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai remain stable at yesterday’s price. At the same time, the prices of petrol deals in Noida and Lucknow have become a bit cheaper as compared to yesterday. While petrol-diesel has become expensive in Gurugram and Jaipur. Apart from this, the oil prices remained stable in other cities of the country.

Today the price of petrol in Gurgaon adjacent to Delhi is Rs 96.99, whereas a day ago its price was Rs 96.97, two paise less. Talking about Jaipur, today petrol is being sold at Rs 108.44, whereas yesterday it was sold at Rs 108.08. That is, there has been a partial increase in the prices of petrol in both the cities today. On the contrary, today the price of petrol in Noida was 96.58, yesterday it was 96.59 rupees. Petrol price in Lucknow today was Rs 96.57, yesterday it was Rs 96.61. It means to say that today petrol is being sold at one paise in Noida and four paise per liter in Lucknow.   

Gurgaon and Jaipur increase oil prices 

Similarly talking about diesel, today the price of diesel is being sold at Rs.89.86 in Gurgaon, whereas yesterday it was sold at Rs.89.84. Whereas in Jaipur it is Rs 93.68 today and Rs 93.36 tomorrow. That is, today the prices of diesel have increased in Gurgaon and Jaipur as compared to yesterday. People of both the cities will have to pay more money for taking petrol and diesel today. On the contrary, the price of diesel in Noida today was Rs.89.75 and yesterday it was sold at Rs.89.76. Diesel price in Lucknow today is Rs 89.76 while yesterday it was sold at Rs 89.80 per litre.

Know the prices of petrol and diesel in major cities

New Delhi Petrol Rs 96.72 per litre, Diesel Rs 89.62 per litre
Kolkata-Petrol Rs 106.03 per litre, Diesel Rs 92.76 per litre
Mumbai-Petrol Rs 106.31 per litre, Diesel Rs 94.27 per litre
Chennai-Petrol Rs 102.63 per litre, Diesel Rs 94.24 per litre
Gurugram Petrol Rs 96.99 per litre, Diesel Rs 89.86 per litre
Noida Petrol Rs 96.58 per litre, Diesel Rs 89.76 per litre
Bengaluru petrol Rs 101.94 per litre, diesel Rs 87.89 per litre
Bhubaneshwar petrol Rs 103.11 per litre, diesel Rs 94.68 per liter
Chandigarh petrol Rs 96.20 per litre, diesel Rs 84.26 per liter
Hyderabad Petrol Rs 109.66 per litre, Diesel Rs 97.82 per litre
Jaipur Petrol Rs 108.44 per litre, Diesel Rs 93.68 per litre
Lucknow Petrol Rs 96.57 per litre, Diesel Rs 89.76.24 per litre
Patna Petrol Rs 107.80 per litre, diesel Rs 94.52 per litre

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