Chhattisgarh: Amazing of this agricultural university, developed five advanced varieties of fragrant paddy

Chhattisgarh News: Five mutant aromatic rice varieties have been developed in collaboration with Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Trombay-Mumbai at Indira Gandhi Agricultural University. Now farmers will get good yield from seeds with less time and less height of crop. Efforts are being made for decades to bring agriculture and science together in the country. The need for science is always felt for advanced agriculture.

Agriculture claims success in the field of agriculture

Scientific method reduces the cost of cultivation and helps in protecting the crop from diseases. But it is seen that farmers have to suffer heavy losses due to lack of knowledge of technical and chemical fertilizers. It has been seen many times that excessive use of chemical fertilizers causes crop failure. Atomic Research Centre, Trombay-Mumbai has collaborated with Indira Gandhi Agricultural University in preparing mutant seeds of fragrant paddy. A new improved variety of mutant has been developed by mutation breeding of traditional aromatic paddy species of Chhattisgarh.

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Development of 5 mutant aromatic rice varieties 

5 Mutant varieties include Trombay Chhattisgarh Dubraj Mutant-1, Vikram TCR, Chhattisgarh Jawanphool Mutant, Trombay Chhattisgarh Vishnubhog Mutant and Trombay Chhattisgarh Sonagathi. The specialty of mutant seeds is both the maturity time of paddy and the height of the crop. Reducing. Dr. Girish Chandel, Vice Chancellor, Indira Gandhi Agricultural University said that thousands of traditional varieties of paddy are found in many parts of Chhattisgarh. They are famous for their aroma, medicinal properties. Indira Gandhi Agricultural University has collected the germplasm of 23 thousand 250 such traditional varieties of paddy. But it has been seen that the traditional aromatic varieties of paddy take more time to harvest and the height of the crop is also higher. Because of this, the farmers gradually reduced the cultivation of aromatic varieties of paddy. But now the farmers will benefit from the new variety of seeds."text-align: justify;">Chhattisgarh: BSF jawan posted on Naxal front commits suicide, shot himself with service rifle


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