Chhattisgarh: Have you eaten these top 5 desi breakfasts of Chhattisgarh that are prepared quickly?

Chhattisgarh News: Every state in the country has its own distinct identity. Behind this is the local dialect, food and dress. Similarly, the state of Chhattisgarh has a distinct and special identity in the country, the tribal and Chhattisgarhi culture of the state is popular. Let us know about the top five breakfasts of Chhattisgarh today, which are made daily in rural areas. At the same time, these days local food items are available to be eaten even in urban congested areas.

Chila is the most famous food of Chhattisgarh
Actually, it is winter season, in this season people prefer desi food more. Chilla and spicy tomato chutney are mostly eaten in Chhattisgarh in the morning breakfast. It can be easily made in villages and cities, because rice flour is mixed with salt and mixed with water to make its batter. After this it is cooked in a round shape in a pan in less oil. Chilla is ready within 5 minutes. These days it is the best selling snack in Garh Kaleva of Raipur.

Jaggery is added to bobar chilla

Similarly, another variety of Chilla which is specially made in rural areas. The name of this chilla is Bobra Roti. To make this, sugar free rice is kept soaked overnight. Before making breakfast in the morning, it is ground in a sieve with jaggery. After this it is de fried. Its taste is slightly sweet, but the villagers eat it with great fervor. 

How to make Angakar Roti
Now let’s talk about Angakar Roti which cannot be made in gas stove. It is cooked only in cow dung pots. Rice flour and salt are mixed in hot water. Its paste is put on a hot griddle. It takes very little oil to make it, then it is covered with wild leaves or banana leaves. A burning lump of cow dung is kept on top of it. The fire lit in the stove is extinguished. Roti is cooked with a hot pot placed on top of the roti. After this, when the fire of the pan is extinguished, the leaves are removed and the roti is served with dry chili sauce and chirpoti patal i.e. small tomato sauce like marbles.

The rice left over at night is made into Fara
The rice left over at night is made stale. Water is squeezed out of this stale rice and mixed with flour and salt. It is made into small balls by hand. To make it, oil is heated and sesame seeds, sweet neem leaves and green chillies are added to it. It is cooked well by adding stale rice and ground tomatoes and salt and turmeric. After this the fara made from stale and rice flour is put in it, then it is cooked for some time then it is ready to eat.

Gulgula Bhajiya is sweet and delicious
In Chhattisgarh, there is a trend of sweet Bhajiya with salty test breakfast. People especially like Gulgula Bhajiya in desi items. To make this rice  is mixed in jaggery water. With this grated coconut is mixed with fennel for taste. After this it is fried in oil in small sizes. It is called Gulgula in Chhattisgarhi. Nowadays, desi Gulgula is also made in cities. Especially in Garh Kaleva, people like to eat Gulgula after Chilla.

What is the specialty of indigenous food
Most of the breakfast items in Chhattisgarh are made from rice flour only. Chhattisgarh is called the rice bowl. The main reason behind this is the high production of rice in the state and rural farmers make breakfast made from this rice. There is no harm in health because very little oil is used to make it. There are some items in which more oil is used, but in the homes of Chhattisgarh, this type of desi breakfast is prepared daily in the morning. Talking about the beginning of this native food, the villagers tell that if rice is left over at night, instead of throwing it in the morning, it is used as breakfast. 

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