China: Production of iPhone company affected due to Corona, now help sought from retired soldiers

iPhone Factory: In China, Corona is once again wreaking havoc. In view of the increasing cases of Corona, the Jinping government has implemented the Zero Covid policy in the country. Due to strict restrictions like lockdown in many states, people have been imprisoned in their homes. Due to the lockdown, the condition of the world’s largest mobile company located in Zhongzhou has worsened. 70 percent of the world’s iPhones are manufactured in this company.

Due to the lockdown, the production of the iPhone company decreased significantly. Due to this, the economy of China can also get a big blow. Seeing this danger, the Chinese government has now sought help from retired soldiers. Retired soldiers of the Chinese Army will now work to make mobiles. 

According to a BBC report, the bureau has posted an open letter on the messaging app WeChat. It has to be said that the soldiers who have retired from the army have always been under the command of the Communist Party. Said in the letter that the country has once again needed these soldiers. They should help the country in this hour of crisis. Explain that Foxconn, a Taiwanese company that manufactures iPhones for Apple, has many plants in China. 

70% of the world’s iPhones are made here

More than 5 lakh iPhones are made daily in the company located only in Zhongzhou. This number is 70 percent of the iPhone made in the whole world. More than 2 lakh workers work in this company. Due to Corona, the company is facing many problems. Recently a video went viral in which employees from this company were seen running away by jumping over the wall. According to reports, due to the lockdown, a large number of workers were trapped inside the company and in such circumstances there was a shortage of food and water in the company. Troubled by this, the workers ran away by scaling the wall of the company. 

It will take time to go from China to Corona – Expert

Reports are suggesting that residents of high-risk areas have been asked to stay in their homes and only delivery services have been allowed. On the other hand, experts believe that it may take more time for China to get out of the corona epidemic. It is being estimated that by the end of next year it can be curbed. The country will see a slow return to normalcy, potentially weighing on investor hopes for a quick economic recovery, Bloomberg quoted a poll of economists as saying.

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