China, trying to dominate other countries, is building a secret missile bunker for Pakistan

India China News: On the one hand, China is preparing to annex Taiwan through military operations, and on the other hand, it is trying to increase its dominance by pressing many countries under debt. After drowning Sri Lanka in the name of loan and infrastructure, now it is Pakistan’s turn. It is reported that after the failure of the CPEC project, China is now busy building a secret missile base for the Pakistani army. According to intelligence reports, the most important part of China’s ambitious project Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) CPAC i.e. China Pakistan Economic Corridor started with great noise, but now its pace has slowed down.

The news is also that Pakistan‌stan is now preparing to dissolve the CPAC authority itself. In such a situation, after spending crores and billions of rupees, China’s PLA army is now engaged in construction work for the Pakistani army. Quoting intelligence reports, it is reported that the PLA-Army is building missile bunkers for Pakistan in Balochistan. According to the report, China is building this for the Pakistani army near Nawabshah of Sindh and Khuzdar of Balochistan. 

This is the specialty of these missile bunkers

Why missile base is important for Pakistan Army?

Khuzdar is the cantonment area of ​​Pakistan Army

Who is Lt Gen Asif Ghafoor?

China is also engaged in the construction of military infrastructure in PoK

However, CPEC must be looking like a jackpot for Pakistan right now, but on the pretext of this, China is also slowly taking over Pakistan from debt. By the way, if the experts are to be believed, due to the delay in the construction work of CPEC to be built from Xinjiang province to Gwadar in Balochistan, its importance seems to be almost ending. 

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