China wants to expand military power in the Pacific, which has raised concerns in many countries – US

Kurt Campbell On China: US President Joe Biden’s deputy assistant Kurt Campbell (Kurt M. Campbell) has issued a statement regarding China. He said that China has been seeking to expand its military strength in the Pacific region over the past several years. He said this during the session ‘US View on Islands in the Indo-Pacific’. 

Campbell said that for the past several years, China has been looking to develop a footprint militarily (in the Pacific). This has caused concern in Australia, New Zealand and even countries across the region. When it comes to the Pacific Islands, the US needs to measure several parameters, including telecommunications, educational opportunities, huge governance challenges and businesses hurt. 

‘Australia’s position in the developing Pacific’

Climate change a major threat to Australia 

Also he talked about Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong’s visit to the Pacific Islands Forum, which shows his level of commitment. At the same time, Australia sees climate change as a threat. Climate change is also associated with security. He said that we have to figure out a way to provide financial support to bring the Pacific island back to a stable state. 

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