‘China’s occupation of our land, still buying from it…’, Kejriwal targets the Center

Arvind Kejriwal: Making China a cover, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has once again targeted the central government. He said that China is looking ahead on our borders for the last few years. China has occupied our land. Our soldiers are brave and it is our duty to give a befitting reply to China, but what have we done in the last few years?

Targeting the Centre, Kejriwal said that we should not trade with China. are increasing. Making China richer. China is buying weapons with our own money and is attacking us. We are buying those things which can be easily made in India also. We are giving employment to the children of our country to China. 

’50 percent increased trade with China’

12 lakh people in the last five Left India in the year. The people of our country are being forced to go out. Today, when we are celebrating 74th Republic Day, two things are very important in it. China has been showing eyes over our borders for a few years. Even today it is published in the newspaper that China has occupied some part of our country. Our soldiers are fighting bravely. On the other hand, it is the duty of all the governments to support those soldiers. It is our duty to boycott China and stop trade with it, but Indian government has increased trade by 50 percent. 

‘Delhi has the lowest inflation rate’

Kejriwal said that looking at the situation, it seems that a dark shadow is falling over our democracy. Democracy is not being followed. According to a report, the inflation rate is the lowest in Delhi. The cheapest things are in Delhi. Electricity-water is free. There are excellent government schools and education in the school is free. Treatment in the hospital is free. Ration is free. Travel for women in pilgrimage and buses is free. That’s why inflation rate is lowest in Delhi. 

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