Chinese President Xi Jinping furious at Canadian PM, said- ‘There is no way to talk like this’

G 20 Summit: Hot-talk was seen between Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Chinese President Xi Jinping, who met on the margins of the G20 summit. Actually, during the meeting between the two on November 15, Jinping got agitated over the details of the conversation coming in the media. Xi Jinping expressed his displeasure when confronted during the G20 session and said that the way to talk like this is not to tell everything to the media.

In response, Trudeau said that we want to talk to China in a frank and candid manner. On hearing this answer, Jinping said that first you create an environment to talk.

>G20 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Chinese President Xi Jinping met on the sidelines of the summit and had a tough talk.

— Pranay Upadhyaya (@JournoPranay) November 16, 2022

According to the Canadian media, in the meeting on November 15, Trudeau bluntly told Jinping that China’s allegations of interference in Canadian politics are serious and should not happen. There were allegations of Chinese interference in the 2019 elections in Canada. This was the first meeting between the two leaders on the G20 platform after three years.

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