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The episode starts with a girl informing Mannat that Zoravar’s bulldozers are not stopping and they will destroy the houses. Mannat thinks she needs to save the houses first and gets down the bulldozer. Zoravar informs that he stopped his bulldozers. Mannat boasts it’s good that he got into his senses, its not easy to defeat her, asks if thinks it’s easy to destroy innocent people’s houses. Zoravar ignores her and walks in. Sarah yells at Mannat and says she barges in wherever Zoravar goes. Mannat says one shouldn’t be overproud of themselves or else they will fall flat. Sarah says Zoravar will destroy even her house and will build a resort over it. Mannat challenges her to dare try and see and leaves from there.

She reaches back to villagers who rejoice saying she saved their houses. Harnoor gets happy seeing her returning safely. Inspector GST walks to Mannat and asks why did she try to destroy private property, he has to arrest her now. Villagers protest not to arrest Mannat. Zoravar asks the inspSayuri says that they should go home now. Here Kanha and Anjali are dancing. Meanwhile, Kusum tells Saroj that she had called Rashmi and she does not know where Sayuri is. Saroj gets upset. Just then Kanha and Saroj see that Chiru is coming home with Sayuri. Kanha goes to Chiru and Sayuri and asks what happened. Sayuri says that Chiru had an accident. She asks Kanha to take care of him.

Sayuri leaves from there. Kanha gets worried for Chiru. Dhanraj asks Chiru that he should go to the hospital if he is hurt. Grandfather says that Chiru’s medicine is not in the hospital but with Sayuri and only Sayuri can cure him. Chiru tells Saroj that he did not meet Sayuri intentionally. Saroj gets irritated hearing this.

Kanha further tells Saroj that they should accept Sayuri for Chiru’s happiness. Saroj refuses. Anjali asks Kanha to take care of Chiru. He goes to Chiru’s room. Nakul tells him that Chiru’s condition is not well. While Chiru knows that Saroj has not listened to him. He thinks that maybe one day Saroj will accept his love. Kanha tells Chiru that he can do anything for his happiness and he will make everything right.

Precap: Kanha asks Chiru and Sayuri to get married.ector to do his duty. Inspector arrests Mannat and gets her into jeep.

At the hospital, nurse informs Seher that Kulwant’s condition is worsening and they need an injection as soon as possible. Seher and others try their contacts for the injection. Inspector puts Mannat in jail. Scarlet with Zoravar’s assistant walks into police station to teach Mannat a lesson and is shocked to see Mannat enjoying momos with constables. She confronts the inspector for giving VIP treatment to Mannat. Inspector says if she thinks having momos is a VIP treatment, he will order momos for her too. Mannat asks to get her crispy momos. Scarlet gets jealous and challenges Mannat that she will see who will bail her out. Villagers enter and offer money for Mannat’s bail. Mannat taunts Scarlet that Zoravar was wrong that families don’t help. Villagers count money and find a shortage of 5000 rs. A lady enters and offers 5000 rs. Inspector asks Mannat to come out now. Mannat offers water to Scarlet. Scarlet says it’s unhygienic. Mannat drinks it and says she will go and meet Zoravar now.

Kulwant’s condition worsens. Nurse asks family to arrange injection soon or else her condition will worsen more. Bitto says none of their contacts has injection. Ranna says they should visit different cities and search for injection. Seher says they should form a social media team and search for injection. Bitto says she is right. Seher prays god to save Kulwant.

Mannat with villagers barges into Zoravar’s house. Zoravar lets them in. Mannat says she is out of jail. Zoravar ignores her. She asks if he can’t see her and says she proved the power of family and says when he realizes the value of emotions, he will realize the value of family. Zoravar counts villagers and orders servants to serve them breakfast. Villagers think if he has gone mad. Zoravar says his daadi taught him to serve the guests, last time he couldn’t serve them, so this time he will not let them go without accepting his hospitality. Mannat warns him that their will not give their house if thinks he can impress them. Zoravar ignores her and leaves. Villagers discuss that they will not leave this place. Scarlet says they make a lot of noise. Mannat challenges her and leaves with the villagers. Scarlet asks Zoravar why did he spare Mannat so easily. He says this is not his style, he thinks very different. She asks if she can know his style. He says he will at the right time.

Mannat manages a clinic and gives medicines to villagers. Seher breaks down seeing Kulwant’s condition. Mannat gets a message requesting injection for Attari’s ex-sarpanch. Mannat finds the injection and thanks god. She calls Seher and says she got a message that she needs an injection, she has one injection with her. Seher asks to tell her address, she will reach there and take the injection. Mannat says she is in Dalhousie. Seher thinks all the paths are taking her to Dalhousie. She asks Mannat if she can get the injection delivered. Mannat asks address. Seher gives address and says she will pay her expenses. Mannat says there is no price for dear ones, she felt her as dear one and will deliver injection. She asks her name. Seher says her name is Seher Kaur Babbar. Phone gets disconnected. Mannat leaves for Attari.

Precap: Precap will be added later.

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