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The episode starts with Mannat searching for job and feeling worried that all her savings have been spent. She notices a Bavan Fulkari Chunri/dupatta stall and praises the fine work on them. The owner ladies feel happy thinking she is going to buy their dupattas. Mannat says she doesn’t have enough money to buy dupatta, but soon will. Ladies express their ordeal that the work hard, but middlemen take away more than half of their profits and hence they decided to sell their work on their own. They further sadly reveal that they didn’t sell a single dupatta since morning.

Mannat dances and entertains the passersbys and in her unique style convinces them all to buy the dupattas. She then walks towards Zorawar not knowing its him and suggests him to buy the dupatta for his wife. Zoravar is about to turn towards her when he gets a call and he in his style says he is Zorawar Singh Randhawa Speaking. She gets tensed hearing his voice and hides. Zorawar thinks it can’t be Mannat. Stall lady praises Mannat for gathering customers and asks Mannat why she looks short of breath. Mannat says she needs water. Scarlet and Akhil join Zorawar and they all 3 head towards the dupatta shop. Mannat hides among the customers.

Scarlet smells Mannat and says she has a peculiar flower smell. Mannat thinks that’s because she bathes daily and maintains hygiene. Scarlet says Mannat is really annoying. Zorawar asks her not to bother about Mannat. Mannat calls him stinky face and hides her face. He says even he heard Mannat. Mannat continues venting out her anger with her comments and tries to leave. Scarlet stops her and says her dupatta design is really beautiful.

Kulwant dries Mannat’s father’s shirt recalling Mannat’s words. Seher joins her. Kulwant says she can’t do anything without her support. Seher feels sad that she couldn’t find Mannat yet, but her private investigator is searching for Mannat. Kulwant says she has lost hope. Seher hugs her and assures that they will find Mannat soon. Rajveer walks to Sher and reminds that they need to attend office party. She rushes in to help Prince in online class and then get ready. Bittu returns home and seeing the shirt feels happy that he found it back after many years. Kulwant scolds him and says it’s Manpreet’s father’s shirt. Bittu notices a hole in the shirt and says even his shirt had a similar hole.

Zorawar questions ladies if they weave these phulkari dupattas. They explain their work. Zorawar asks if only they do phulkar work. They says there are many, but only they do bavan phulkari work and have big clientele base. Senior lady says it took them 1.5 months to prepare it, but people don’t value their work. Zorawar asks its price. Lady says she weaved it for her daughter’s marriage, so it’s not salable. Zorawar buys another dupatta and leaves with his team. Mannat notices him leaving and returns dupatta to the ladies. A middleman goon barges in and demands his commission from the ladies. They deny to pay his commission and say they themselves will sell their work from hereon. Goon tries to burn their shop.

Mannat gets angry seeing that, slaps the goon, and warns him to respect women. Public gather and tongue lash the goon for disrespecting women. He apologizes and leaves. Ladies thank Mannat. Mannat leaves. Goon returns with his goons and attacks ladies again. Zorawar interferes and punishes goons for disrespecting ladies. A goon from behind tries to stab him with a sword. Mannat seeing that kicks the man away and rescues Zorawar. Sword flies in air and injures Mannat’s fingers. Zorawar gets angry noticing Mannat and asks what is she doing here. She asks if even Attari belongs to his ancestors. They both beat the goons arguing with each other. One of them injures Zorawar’s hand. Public support them and shoo away goons. Scarlet verbally abuses Mannat. Mannat gives her a befitting reply. Zorawar asks Scarlet not to get personal and warns Mannat that its better for her if she stays away from him. Mannat says the best. They walk away in opposite directions. She thinks she needs to stay away from him if she has to hide her identity.

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