Christmas Day 2022: Why is Christmas Day celebrated all over the world on 25 December? What is its history, know

Christmas Day 2022, Merry Christmas: Christmas is the most important festival of the people of Christianity, which is celebrated every year on 25 December as Christmas Day. The fanfare of Christmas starts a day before i.e. from 24 December itself. People of Christianity celebrate this day as the birthday of Jesus Christ. In India too, along with Christianity, people of all other religions celebrate the Christmas festival with great pomp. But do you know about the history of Christmas and its importance.

People of Christian religion celebrate the festival of Christmas a day before Christmas i.e. from 24th December itself. On the midnight of 24th December, people go to the church and special worship is done here. People of Christian religion remember their Lord Jesus Christ. Then congratulate each other on Christmas and distribute gifts.  

Importance of Christmas (Christmas Day 2022 significance)

At one time the festival of Christmas was celebrated only in western countries and Christian dominated areas. But today it has become a festival celebrated all over the world. There is a belief about the Christmas festival that God had sent his son to free people from sin and to stop them and Jesus Christ gave up his life in the struggle to free people from sin.

History of Christmas (Christmas Day 2022 History)

The history of Christmas is not a few years old but many centuries old. It is said that Christmas was first celebrated in the country of Rome. But the day of December 25 was celebrated as the birthday of Sun God in Rome before Christmas. At that time, the emperors of Rome considered Suryadev as their main deity and Suryadev was worshipped.

But by 330 AD, the propagation of Christianity in Rome started increasing very rapidly. More number of followers of Christianity became in Rome. After this, in 336 AD, the followers of Christianity accepted Jesus Christ as the incarnation of Sun God and since then the tradition of celebrating Christmas festival as the birthday of Jesus Christ started on 25 December.

People celebrate this day as the victory of good over evil. Christmas festival is the new year for the people of Christianity. Like every year, this year i.e. in 2022, Christmas Day will be celebrated on December 25.

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