CJI Chandrachud told why judges of lower courts hesitate to grant bail

Supreme Court CJI: CJI DY Chandrachud’s entire focus is on giving justice to the people in less time. Like his predecessor Justice UU Lalit, he is trying his best to reduce the increasing burden of pending cases in the Supreme Court. CJI Chandrachud has recently found a way to clear 70,000 pending cases daily. He has made a rule that now 10-10 bail petitions and 10-10 transfer cases will be listed for hearing every day in front of all the 13 benches of the Supreme Court. 

The CJI said, ‘High courts are flooded with bail petitions due to non-grant of bail by the lower courts. Judges of lower courts hesitate to grant bail. It is not that they do not understand the matters, rather they are afraid of being targeted by granting bail in heinous crimes. CJI Chandrachud said these things at the felicitation ceremony organized by the Delhi Bar Council of India. Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju also attended the event. 


Higher judiciary is flooded with bail applications due to reluctance at grassroots to grant bail. Judges at grassroots are reluctant to grant bail not because they don’t understand crime, but there’s sense of fear of being targeted for granting bail in heinous case: CJI (19.11)

— ANI (@ANI) November 20, 2022

CJI serious about pending case

Earlier, CJI Chandrachud has made a rule to hear 10-10 bail petitions and 10-10 transfer cases daily in every bench of the Supreme Court. Due to this, 130-130 cases related to bail and case transfer will be heard in the Supreme Court every day. 650-650 pending cases will be heard in a single week. This will reduce the pendency of cases in the Supreme Court. 

Easy way to clear pending cases

He had said that more than 3,000 petitions demanding transfer of cases from one state to another are pending. Most of these are related to marriage disputes. He had said that if every bench would hear 650 cases in a week, then all these cases would be heard in a year. This will facilitate disposal of pending cases and people will not face any difficulty in getting justice. 

Former CJI also did the same thing

Let us inform that former CJI UU Lalit also used to insist to settle the pending case. In his short tenure of 74 days as Chief Justice, he had made many rules to settle pending cases. He had increased the number of cases for hearing everyday. However, due to this, the workload of the judges was very heavy. The bench headed by Justice Sanjay Kaul had even said on September 13 that this rule is not giving time to hear new cases. 

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