Clean the burnt pan in this way, follow the tips

Sometimes the tawa burns a lot while making roti on the tawa and then the women of the house get upset to clean the tawa. When the tawa is heated, a layer of carbon gets deposited on it. In such a situation, by roasting roti or paratha on the pan, it gets spoiled and if you still bake roti or paratha on such a pan, then this carbon enters your stomach by putting it in the roti and harms your health. So by doing a little hard work, you should clean the pan of your house properly, so that the health of you and your family is good.

Vinegar-If you too have burnt the pan too much and now want to make the pan shine like new, then you have to first heat the pan on high flame by turning it upside down, after that add vinegar to it. And spread the vinegar well on the pan and clean it with an iron scrubber. This will clean your tawa to a great extent. After this, like all the utensils are cleaned, in the same way you clean the pan with soap. Your pan will shine like new.

Lemon and Salt-Sometimes the tawa burns a lot in the house and then there is a worry about cleaning it because the tawa is not going to be cleaned with surf bim soap. For this, you have to heat the tawa and spread salt on it, when the tawa becomes hot and the color of the salt starts to turn light brown, then you scrape the pan. This will easily remove the carbon deposited on your pan. After this, if the stain remains on the pan, then you have to squeeze 1 lemon on it and rub the lemon peel on the pan. With this, the stains on your pan will also be erased and it will also start shining, after that wash the pan with clean water.

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