Cleaning Hack: Make your wash basin shine in just 10 minutes using household items

Wash Basin Cleaning Tips: While cleaning the house, we often forget to clean the wash basin. A clean wash basin not only enhances the beauty of the house but can also take care of your health. Due to continuous use, various types of spots are formed on the surface of the wash basin. Yellow and especially traces of toothpaste are found more. Over time, these stains not only become stubborn but they also damage the surface of your wash basin.
By eliminating this problem of yours, we will tell you that you  How to make your home wash basin shine using household items in just Rs 10.
baking soda
You can also use Eno. You will also get Eno very cheap. Use eno instead of vinegar. After adding eno, leave it for a while and then add water and clean it thoroughly with the help of a brush.  Eno will clean the wash basin very well.
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