Cleaning Tips: Does your house also always look spread and scattered, then go to the housekeeping task

House Keeping Task: If you enter a room in your house and it is completely dirty, then the mood is bound to be bad. Cleaning the house and maintaining it as it is is a big task. If clothes, shoes, papers and accessories are scattered in a room, then it becomes very difficult to clean it. In this way a dirty and sprawling room also increases your stress, but if you are aware of some housekeeping tasks, then perhaps cleaning such rooms can be quite easy. Let us know what you can do to maintain your home. 
collect garbage in one place
Always keep clothes and shoes in the designated place
If you come from outside somewhere and throw clothes on the bed or chair, as well as remove shoes and throw them here and there in the room, then sometimes the room will not look clean. And if this process continues every day, then the house will not be clean in any case. So keep a laundry bag in the room and put the dirty clothes directly in the laundry bag. Similarly, take out the shoes and keep them in the shoe rack. In this way your room and house will not look scattered. 
Start cleaning with small sections
If you have set the mood for cleaning the house, then first of all you should start it with a small section. If you try to clean the whole house in one go, it may take a lot of time and effort. So first clean the living room table-chair, plants and sofa. Dump all the useless things. After this, clean the rest of the house like kitchen, bedroom etc. This gives you an idea of ​​how much work is left, and how long it will take for further cleaning. 
Make Small Cleanliness a Habit
If you want to see your home always shining, then you have to make small cleanliness a simple habit. For example, if you are going to sleep on the bed, then fold the bedsheet. Gather the things that are spread out. Clean the dishes before they pile up in the sink. By adopting this habit, you can get rid of dirt and scattered things.
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