Clouds rained heavily in Rajasthan in pre monsoon, Bhilwara received maximum rain

Udaipur News: Monsoon is progressing according to its scheduled time, but before that people are getting relief from the heat due to pre-monsoon. Pre-monsoon knocked in Rajasthan on Saturday. Light rain in some districts and heavy rain in some districts. The great thing is that the temperature remained below 39 degrees after a long time in all the districts. 

the nights became cooler due to the fall in the day temperature
Knocking of monsoon The clouds that preceded dropped the mercury of the day as well as it also made the nights cold. But even now the humidity is not giving up in some cities. Where it rained, the temperature has dropped, but where it did not, there was relief from the heat due to clouds.

Rain with strong winds in Bhilwara
In the evening rain in Bhilwara brought relief with disaster. I. In an hour, 34 mm of rain fell with strong winds, which disturbed the city. Trees fell in many places and electricity poles fell in many places. Due to this there was a power cut for seven hours. The roads were filled with water up to 2 feet. Talking about Tonk district here, it rained for half an hour. Also, Alwar received 17 mm of rain.

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