CM Nitish Kumar raging on Modi government, said- Center is obstructing the development of Bihar

Patna: After joining the Grand Alliance, CM Nitish Kumar (Nitish Kumar) is continuously attacking the central government. Once again, accusing the central government on Wednesday, he said that the central government does not pay attention to the poor states. The Center should first of all work for the development of backward states, but the Central Government has put a moratorium on loans as well. This is affecting the development work. Earlier no central government had intervened so much. 

‘The central government only focuses on publicity’

Nitish Kumar said that for the development of Bihar, he is starting to demand from the Center but he is not getting help from the Center. Even after being together in the NDA, there was no help from the Centre. Even after this, the state government is making efforts on its own for development. Had there been help from the Centre, the development work would have been faster in the state. Center is not going to help poor states. The central government only focuses on publicity. At the same time, he said that the state government is making every possible effort for development in Bihar.

Rail budget should start again – Nitish Kumar

On the question of Rail Budget, Nitish Kumar said that Rail Budget must be separate. When the Rail Budget was presented in the Parliament House, there was more discussion on the Rail Budget in the Parliament than the main budget. Referring to the Atal Bihari government, he said that the present Modi government does not give information about the work done in the Atal Bihari government, it only talks about itself. A lot of work was done in the railways in the Atal Bihari government.

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