Cockroaches found in the food of Pakistani Parliament House, two cafeteria seals

Pakistan Parliament: Two cafeterias located in the Parliament House of Pakistan were sealed after they were found in the food served. MPs(MPs)  There was a complaint of getting cockroaches in the food.

‘Sama TV’ According to a report on Saturday, Islamabad district administration officials raided two cafeterias in the Parliament building after receiving several complaints from MPs about food being served in a dirty environment.

Cockroaches found in MPs’ food
It said that MPs also complained that cockroaches were found in the food served to them. According to the news, during the inspection, the officials found insects and spiders at the food and drink place and the kitchen was dirty, after which the premises were sealed.

do not order food from cafeterias
Many lawmakers said that they had stopped ordering food from these cafeterias due to poor sanitary conditions. These incidents in the cafeteria of Pakistan Parliament Building are not new. In 2014, a cockroach was found in a bottle of ketchup in one of these cafeterias. In 2019, MPs protested the quality of food served in these cafeterias.

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