Common Sense: What do humans hear most often in their life?

General Awareness Questions: Interview whether it is of Union Public Service Commission or any other examination. Questions related to general knowledge are asked in all the interviews. Therefore, in today’s era, it is very important for everyone to have strong general knowledge. Today we will know some similar questions that can be asked to you in any interview or any other person can ask you this question. Therefore, to strengthen your general knowledge, read the questions given below very carefully.

1- Question: Which is the sea where not a single fish is found?
Answer: The Dead Sea is a sea where not a single fish is found.

2- Question: What color does the snake go crazy seeing?
Answer: the snake “blue color” Goes crazy seeing it.
3- Question: Which state of the country has the largest railway network?
Answer: The state of Uttar Pradesh has the largest railway network in the country.
4- Question: What is such a thing, which has neither heart nor brain but has many memories?
Answer: picture is such a thing which has neither heart Nor does the brain, but it contains a lot of memories.
5- Question: What do man hears most often in his life?
Answer: Man is most often in his life with “own name” listens.
6- Question: Which state has the most barren land in the country?
Answer: Rajasthan has the most barren land in the country.

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