‘Congress asking wrong questions to BJP’, Sayeed Rizwan said- … then Modi would not have returned in 2019

Syed Rizwan Ahmed: The Central Government has banned the sharing of BBC’s documentary on Gujarat riots on YouTube and Twitter. During a TV debate on this matter, political analyst Dr. Sayeed Rizwan Ahmed said that the opposition as well as the public have the right to ask questions. This is absolutely correct, because it is a democracy. He said that but, there is some difference in this place.  

He said that if you ask questions to the government and the government does not answer it. He said that suppose BJP is not giving answers on many things, then the very simple way is that Congress should go before the people with those questions, satisfy them and the people will defeat Modi with a huge majority in 2019 and send them back to Gujarat. give.

People consider Congress questions wrong – Rizwan Ahmed

During this TV debate, Dr. Sayeed Rizwan Ahmed said that in a democracy, it simply means that the public believes that the questions you are asking are wrong. He said that if the people were with the Congress, then Modi would not have come again as the Prime Minister in 2019. 

Why Hindus feel in danger- Political analyst 

He said that the question is raised, why do Hindus feel threatened despite being a Hindu PM. He said that when you catch a 25-hour flight from America to India, there is a word jet lag. He said that it means, even after getting off the plane, you feel that you are flying in the plane.

He said that due to jet lag, there is neither sleep during the day nor at night, because the time zone changes. He said that something similar has happened with Hindus. The history of one thousand years of Hindus is such in the country, whose fear PM Modi cannot end in 8 years.

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