Congress leaders observed a day’s fast in protest against the lathi charge on the youth, made these allegations against the government

Uttarakhand News: The Agneepath scheme launched by the Modi government is being opposed all around. Congress officials observed a one-day fast at Pant Park in Haldwani today in protest against the lathi-charge on the youths who were protesting in Haldwani two days ago. Along with this, accused the central government of playing with the future of the youth. Many office-bearers and workers, including Congress state president Karan Mehra, leader of opposition Yashpal Arya, Haldwani MLA Sumit Hridesh, have protested the police lathi-charge by fasting.

What did the Leader of Opposition say?
Leader of Opposition Yashpal Arya has warned the government that this move of the Central Government is a very suicidal step for the unemployed. Due to which there is a lot of anger among the youth. He said that the lathi-charge by the police on the protesting youth should be investigated and strictest action should be taken against the guilty policemen. On the other hand, Congress State President Karan Mehra condemned the police brutality on the youth opposing the Agneepath scheme and said that the Modi government at the Center is working to crush the dreams of the youth. Due to which the government is very angry about this scheme among the youth, Karan Mehra has also demanded an inquiry, condemning the police action on the youth, Karan Mehra said that people of 71 years are in power and 21 year old youth is being retired which is very funny.

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Haldwani MLA protested in the House
While Haldwani MLA Sumit Hridesh had opposed the lathi charge in the house 2 days ago. Now Sumit Hridesh said that the government is cheating the youth and the youth who want to join the army by working hard day and night. Those who want to serve the country, work is being done to crush their dreams. Condemning the police action on the youth, he said that Congress is always with the youth and will continue to take their voice forward.

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