Consume fruits during fasting, the body will get energy

Be sure to consume fruits- It is best to take fruits and liquid things. There is no problem of dehydration by drinking water. Failure to do so will result in dizziness. In liquid, you can consume not only water but milk, buttermilk, curd, fresh fruit juice etc. Along with this, eating fruits is also considered very healthy. Be sure to include apples, seasonal fruits in fruits. If you keep eating in short intervals, there is no gastric problem. If you want, you can also eat boiled potatoes with curd.

These things can also be made on the day of fast- You can eat many types of things in fasting like sago, buckwheat dumplings, puris, sama rice etc. You can make khichdi with sago, fry kheer or papad and you can eat it in any way.

consume these things during fasting- You must keep drinking water throughout the day during fasting. On the day of fasting, you should also eat cheese in the food. Due to this, the body gets plenty of protein and does not feel hungry much. You must also include curd in the food.

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