Contraceptive Injection: Do Contraceptive Injections Work in the Same Way as the Pills? Know when and who should get it

How Contraceptive Injection Work: Contraceptive injection also works in the same way as pills and other methods of preventing pregnancy. It is different from other methods in that if you have had a contraceptive injection once for three months and then you want to conceive in the middle, you cannot reduce its effect.

what is contraceptive injection

  • Like birth control pills, contraceptive injections are also made up of progesterone and estrogen hormones or just progesterone hormones. These hormones go into the body and prevent egg production and thicken the mucus in the cervix. This completely eliminates the possibility of egg formation and fertilization. 
  • Contraceptive injection is also called depo. After entering the body, these depots release the progesterone hormone in your veins. Experts say about these injections that if they are given in the right way at the right time, then their chances of success are up to 99 percent.
  • Contraceptive injections are the best option for women who Do not want to take pregnancy pills every day. Once these injections are administered, their effect usually lasts for 8 to 13 weeks. If you get the injection for 3 months. In such a situation, you do not have to remember to take the pill every day, nor do you have to keep in mind to take the pill according to the date.

What are the types of contraceptive injection

  • Contraceptive injections are kept in three categories considering the time of their effect. For example, a one-month-long injection, also known as a monthly injection.
  • The second is an injection that is effective for two months.
  • The third is an injection that is effective for three months. . This injection is in high demand and most people prefer to have it.

where injections are used

  • Contraceptive injections are usually given on the hip. But if you want, you can also get them put on the arm. At the same time, there are some such injections, which are applied on the stomach. You can also use these injections yourself.
    These injections can also be administered during periods.
  • These injections can also be used by women who are breast feeding the child. There are. For these only injections containing progesterone are used. Health experts avoid giving them estrogen hormone.

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