Controversial statement of Sadhvi Prachi on Shraddha murder case, said- said this about Madrasas

Sadhvi Prachi in Bareilly: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) fire brand leader Sadhvi Prachi reached Bareilly in UP (UP) and once held a press conference at Circuit House. Again a controversial statement has been given. He has appealed to the Hindus that if they have to take the law into their hands to protect their daughters, they should do so. Hindus should not become tolerant. He also said that Aftab Poonawala, who cut Shraddha into 35 pieces in Delhi, Hindus should cut Aftab into 500 pieces, so that no one ever thinks of doing such an incident again. could not.

On the other hand, Sadhvi Prachi has given a big statement regarding Madrasas. He said that terrorists are made inside madrassas, such madrassas should be bulldozed. He said that there is a very well thought out conspiracy inside India that how to implicate Hindu daughters in love jihad. Many cases of love jihad are coming to the fore in India. He said that even Hindu boys marry girls of other religions, but no Hindu ever cuts a girl into 35 pieces like this.

Don’t let daughters fall in the trap of Jihadis: Sadhvi Prachi
Sadhvi Prachi said, "Hindus listen with open ears, we may have to take law into our hands to protect our daughters, but we have to protect our daughters." Sadhvi Prachi said, "I would request the mothers and sisters not to let their daughters fall in the trap of these Jihadis. Keep an eye on the mobiles of the daughters to see if she is talking to any Jihadi." Sadhvi Prachi said that there are better animals than these. If you feed a dog bread for two times, even dogs do not do this, they also respect that man with great love. These are illiterate people, they should answer in their language only.

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‘Terror is funding for madrassas’
Sadhvi Prachi said that Hindu girls should not love Muslim boys. If you want to love then do it with your parents, who kept you in your stomach for 9 months. On the survey of madrassas being conducted by the Yogi government, he said, "I had already said that illegal madrassas are running in UP. There is terror funding for madrassas. These people eat of India, live in India, drink of India and their hearts remain in Pakistan. These people are creating terrorists in madrassas. How many times terrorists were caught from madrassas. Caught from inside Uttar Pradesh. Deoband’s madrasa also turned out to be illegal. I will tell the Yogi government that action should be taken against those who are supporting them.

Sadhvi Prachi praised the survey of Waqf properties
Sadhvi Prachi said that bulldozers should be run on such madrasas and hospitals should be made there. At the same time, he also praised the survey of Waqf properties. He said that this survey should be done in the whole country. Along with this, Sadhvi Prachi has also expressed concern over the increasing population of the country. He said that the increasing population in the country is a matter of concern. The government should make a strict law on this.

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