Controversy among devotees over worship in sanctum sanctorum of Mahakaleshwar temple, Video of scuffle Viral

Mahakaleshwar Temple News: In the sanctum sanctorum of the Mahakaleshwar temple, there was a competition among the queued devotees to get ahead. During this, there was a dispute between the devotees, due to which there was a lot of scuffle. During this there was a situation of uproar. The employees of the Mahakal temple committee separated the devotees. The video of the entire incident went viral on social media. 

After the inauguration of Mahakal Lok, there has been a 10-fold increase in the number of devotees visiting the Mahakaleshwar temple. Alam is that on Saturday, Sunday and Monday the number of devotees reaches 2 lakhs. In such a situation, every devotee wants to go to the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Mahakal and offer prayers.

Video of the scuffle went viral

Two people are being allowed to worship in the sanctum sanctorum by deducting a receipt of Rs 1500 by the Mahakaleshwar temple committee. For this also there is a competition among the devotees. On Monday, there was a competition to get ahead in the crowd of devotees. During this a dispute started between some devotees.

Gradually a situation of uproar developed and then the devotees got into a scuffle. Seeing this uproar, the employees of the Mahakaleshwar Temple Committee intervened. Although a situation like chaos was created for 15 minutes. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV camera of the Mahakaleshwar Temple Committee.

Arrangement of three types of darshan in the temple

In the famous south facing Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshwar temple, arrangements have been made for the darshan of the devotees in three ways. Ashish Singh, President of the Ujjain Collector Mahakaleshwar Temple Committee, told that in the Mahakaleshwar temple, common devotees are shown barricading. Apart from this, under the speedy darshan system, every devotee also has darshan from a separate gate through the barricade through the receipt of Rs.250.

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