Controversy arose over Sai Pallavi’s lynching statement, now these superstars of South came in support

Prakash Raj Support Sai Pallavi: South’s well-known actress Sai Pallavi had given a statement about Kashmiri Pandits and lynching in the past, on which a controversy arose. By the way, Sai has given clarification on his statement. Now in the meantime, well-known superstar of South and Hindi film industry Prakash Raj has supported Sai Pallavi.

Sai Pallavi’s clarification video has been retweeted by Prakash Raj in which he has supported the actress. Prakash tweeted, ‘Humanity is first…we are with you Sai Pallavi’.

Humanity first … we are with you @Sai_Pallavi92

— Prakash Raj (@prakashraaj) June 19, 2022

Sai gave this statement…
During a media interview, Sai Pallavi had said that the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ showed the massacre of Kashmiri Pandits. On the other hand, if violence and religion are weighed on a scale, some time ago a Muslim man carrying a truck full of cows was brutally beaten up and asked to chant Jai Shri Ram. Now tell me what is the difference between these two incidents. ‘ After this statement of Pallavi, a debate started on social media.

Actress clarified…
Clarifying on her statement, Sai has released a video in which she said, ‘I have always been one of those who open my heart. Am. I know I’m late in speaking, but I’m sorry. He further said that my words have been misrepresented. I was just trying to say there that any dispute in the name of religion is a wrong thing. The actress said that I am a neutral person. I am shocked that whatever I said has been taken and presented in a wrong way. The actress told that her words spoken in the interview have been taken poorly.’


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