Cooked Chicken Storage: What happens if cooked chicken is stored in the refrigerator and eaten? Learn

Cooked Chicken Storage in Refrigerator: Most people like to eat a dish made of chicken in dinner, but have you ever wondered how long you can store cooked chicken and what? Is it safe to store it in the fridge?

It is believed that you can keep Cooked Chicken in the fridge for three to four days, but there is also a possibility that it may not last for so long and get spoiled before that. Know how to identify whether chicken is edible or not –

Identify by Smell 

Many times it happens that the chicken is spoiled, but still it does not look like it has gone bad. It is difficult to know if chicken is prepared by marinating it in spices and sausage, whether it is bad or edible, because there is not much difference in taste and smell. But sometimes you can know by smell whether the chicken is fit to eat or is spoiled.

Check Texture

Depleted chicken tends to be sticky or sticky in texture and reheating it and washing it frequently does not ensure the elimination of bacteria and toxins. If it becomes sticky, throw it away immediately.

The threat of food poisoning

Store method

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