Cool-cool drink for summer, taste and health will be well

1- Coconut water- To keep the body hydrated, coconut water must be drunk. Drinking coconut water keeps the digestive system healthy. Coconut water is very low in calories, which helps in weight loss. Coconut water contains vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, which strengthen immunity.  

2- Bael’s syrup- Bael’s syrup is very beneficial in summer. Bael contains a good amount of fiber, which keeps the stomach and digestion good. Bael contains vitamin-C, which increases immunity. To avoid heatstroke in summer, definitely drink bael’s syrup. 

3- Aam Panna- Raw mango Panna provides relief from heat and heat. Vitamin C is found in mango which strengthens immunity. Eating mango also keeps the body cool. To make Aam Panna, take raw mango, cumin powder, black salt and jaggery. After boiling mango, take out the pulp and mix all these things in it. Chilled aam panna tastes very tasty to drink.  

4- Mint Lassi- Buttermilk and Lassi are very beneficial in summer. Mint lassi is very good for the stomach. It contains anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins A, C and E. All these things increase immunity. Yogurt contains pro-biotics which are beneficial for the body.

5- Watermelon sherbet- To beat the heat, you can also drink a drink made from watermelon. It is very good in taste and healthy. Watermelon syrup increases immunity. For this you take out 700 ml watermelon juice. Mix some black salt and sugar in it. If you want, you can also add mint for taste. Serve cold by adding a little lemon juice.

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