Corona attack in North Korea after 2 years, dictator imposed emergency across the country

First Covid Case in North Korea: The corona epidemic has created an outcry in the country and the world. Now North Korea was not untouched by this epidemic. The latest news is coming from North Korea where the first case of corona has been found. According to the media there, when Corona was creating panic in the whole world, at that time there was not a single case in this country, but then the war against this epidemic intensified and its medicines were distributed all over the world. Then the first case came to light in this country. After the first case of Corona came to light, Kim Jong Un has imposed emergency across the country.

North Korea not vaccinated

Ba.2 sub-variants of Omicron have been detected. It has not yet been disclosed how many people are suffering from this epidemic. In a report released by North Korea, it has been said that after the breach in our Emergency Quarantine Front, the biggest emergency crisis has arisen in the country. This pandemic kept people safe for 2 years 3 months since February 2020.

Ban was imposed on entering the country

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