Could the issue of CM post with BJP be resolved only in 2019, know what CM Eknath Shinde said

Maharashtra: Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Shinde, while addressing a rally in Aurangabad district, said that some people took a ‘stubborn stand’ after the elections. adopted, which meant that he did not want to form the government with the BJP, even though both the parties had got the mandate.

Attack on Uddhav Thackeray
Chief Minister Without naming Thackeray, he said that some people said that Shiv Sena should get the chief minister’s post for the first two and a half years. If this condition is met, then talks can go ahead between the two parties (Shiv Sena and BJP) to form the government. 

He said that this adamant stand meant that they would join the government with the BJP. Didn’t want to make it even though both the parties fought the assembly elections together and won. Shinde said that soon after the election results some people started talking that different options were available. Shiv Sena MLAs were not in favor of allying with Congress and NCP.

BJP made Nitish Kumar as CM
Maharashtra CM said that BJP has made public Despite winning more seats than Dal (United), he kept the promise of making Nitish Kumar the Chief Minister of Bihar. Shinde said that the BJP could have taken the chief minister’s post in the current government led by him.

He asked me. But agreed. If we had made any promise in 2019 (referring directly to BJP), we would have honored it. Now you tell me who is telling the truth.

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