Court sentences former US university student guilty of hiding Al-Qaeda funding

Al-Qaeda Funding: An American University alumnus was recently sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for hiding funding for the Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda. According to the New York Post, 26-year-old Ala Mohamed Abusad, who studied at the University of Alabama, was sentenced to 10 years after serving a prison term. "supervised release " Ordered to spend.

The US Department of Justice reported that Abusad, who has been in Shelby County Jail since his arrest in 2018, pleaded guilty in 2019 to concealment of terrorist funding when he told an undercover FBI employee that combatants engaged in terrorism were How to send money According to the New York Post, he also told the agent that "money" Of "always needed".

Abusad told the undercover agent how to escape from the police 
Prosecutors reported that Abusad advised the FBI agent how to send money so law enforcement could not find it . He told the FBI agent to use a fake name and address when making the electronic transfer to avoid the police. The college alumnus also introduced the undercover agent to a financial facilitator, who "Brothers working with the Ak (Al-Qaeda)"

another such case 
Meanwhile, in another similar case, federal prosecutors said earlier this month that a New Jersey-based software developer, Alexei Saab, had committed an Islamic crime. for terrorist group Hezbollah "sleeper agent" Lived a double life as, and searched for terrorist hideouts in New York City. Saab, a US citizen since 2008, was arrested by the Fed in 2019 and charged with several counts, including terrorism, for allegedly providing material to the terrorist group. He is facing a prison sentence of dozens of years if convicted on all counts.

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