Creepy! When rasmalai was found less, angry customer injured many people with knife, 3 arrested

Kota Crime: The reason behind stabbing a reputed businessman of Kota city is said to be not giving more Rasmalai. In the report given by the employee of the shop to the police, it has been told that the miscreant asked for 1.25 kg of Rasmalai and was giving the money for one kg. He got angry on being refused. However, at that time he left from there. But, returned shortly after and created a ruckus in the whole shop. Three people were injured while stabbing one after the other. The condition of the shop owner still remains critical. The whole city is infuriated by this incident.

The entire police department mobilized and caught the accused late at night 
The Nayapura police have arrested Ratan Kachori and Namkeen owner Ratan Lal and the accused who stabbed two of their employees . Kota ASP Praveen Jain said that on the night of January 22, around 9.30 pm, three miscreants Aasif alias Aamir, Shahrukh alias Safeda alias Ratan Kachori owner Ratan Jain, employees Mahavir Meena and Naresh Bheel had a dispute over weighing Rasmalai. Lemon and Arbaaz Khan assault with intent to kill. 

They were asking for 1.25 kilos of Rasmalai at the price of one kilo
Police said that employee Naresh Kumar Bhil, a resident of Negadia district Rajsamand, told during treatment that he and his colleague Mahavir Meena both Ratan Kachori Bhandar I was working in Meanwhile, it is around 9.30 pm. Seth Ratan Jain was also sitting on the counter at the time of the incident. Meanwhile, Shah Rukh alias Safeda, Arbaaz, Aamir alias Asif all three came to the shop and asked for one kilo of Rasmalai. He talked about weighing 1.25 kg of Rasmalai instead of one kg.

Attacked on refusal
The accused said that we will give only one kg of Rasmalai. On this Seth ji and we said that only one kg of Rasmalai will come for one kg of rupees. If you want to buy 1.25 kg Rasmalai, you will have to pay for 1.25 kg only. Hearing this, all three of them, abusing us, attacked Seth Ratan Jain, Mahavir Meena and me with knives with the intention of killing them. When Kamlesh and Manoj came running, all three Splendor ran away sitting on the motorcycle.

Former MLA alleges, goons have got government protection 
Here, former Kota North MLA Prahlad Gunjal reached the hospital after the attack and met Ratanlal Jain and inquired about his condition. The former MLA said that the law and order situation in the city has collapsed. Now the common man is not safe even at his homes and establishments. The real face of the city’s law and order has come in front of the people.

It seems that the goons have got government protection. In the last four years, incidents of knife, pistol, bullet, murder, theft, looting and chain snatching have become common in this city. The government and the police are looking paralyzed in front of the criminals. He said that the common man is not feeling safe even inside the house. It is a matter of shame for this government.

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