Crores looted by becoming ED officer in film style, know the whole matter

Mumbai Crime : On January 23, in Mumbai, like in the film Special 26, some people raided Jhaveri market in the afternoon posing as fake ED officers and took goods worth crores from two shops of a businessman. Got confused. This whole incident of loot has been captured in CCTV camera. In this one can see fake ED officers who are actually robbers. Those who are seen leaving with the bag after committing the robbery. 

Because this incident was carried out in the name of Central Investigation Agency, Mumbai Police swung into action and arrested 3 accused in just 24 hours. Search is on for 3 other accused involved in this gang. Dr. Abhinav Deshmukh, DCP Zone-2 of Mumbai Police told that after 2 pm, 2 people entered the office of VBL Bullion in Jhaveri Bazar, Mumbai under the jurisdiction of LT Marg Police Station, posing as ED officers.

Special 26 looted like a movie

After this, the accused closed the door of the shop from inside. Took the mobile phones of everyone present there. Deshmukh told that the accused also beat him to scare people and then he said that where is Virat Malik, the owner of the bullion. When the employees said that they are not here, then the accused said that now let’s show the GST papers. To make the drama look more real, the accused handcuffed an employee present there. During this, the other accused kept Rs 25 lakh cash and 3 kg gold in their bag kept in that shop. They took the employee in handcuffs and took them to another shop and leaving everyone there, fled with the money and gold. 

The information was given to the police when the matter spread

According to the Mumbai Police, initially the employees of the shop thought that this would be the real ED raid. Later, when other shopkeepers came to know about this like a fire, people got suspicious and then this information was given to the police. After registering the case, the police formed several teams and started the investigation. During this investigation, the police have arrested three accused. Out of this, the name of the main accused is Mohammad Fazal Gilit Wala.

Police is questioning the accused

The name of the second accused is Mohammad Razi Ahmed Mohammad Rafiq alias Sameer. Who is a resident of Malvani area of ​​Mumbai. After interrogating both the accused, the police came to know about the third accused who is a woman. A team was sent to Ratnagiri to arrest him and he was arrested. The name of the arrested woman is Visakha Mudhole. Police has recovered 15 lakh cash and 2.5 kg gold from the accused. Police is on the lookout for 3 more absconding accused in this case so that the rest of the stolen goods can be recovered.

Fake ED notice received from builder

A day after the robbery incident by posing as a fake ED officer in Mumbai, Anand Agarwal, a builder of Mumbai’s suburban Mira Bhayander area, has lodged a complaint with the police. Some people are trying to blackmail him by circulating an ED notice in the name of Anand Agarwal on social media. About which Anand Aggarwal sought information from the Enforcement Directorate ie ED. Wanted to know whether this notice has been issued by ED itself. 

ED is tracking the fraud

ED informed Anand Agarwal that no such notice was issued by ED. This is bogus ED notice, its Enforcement Directorate will investigate who is trying to cheat in the name of Central Investigation Agency in this way. At present, the police of Mumbai and its surrounding suburbs have intensified the investigation on people who cheat in the name of central investigative agencies and are talking about stopping such incidents.

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