Cucumber will never turn bitter if you cut it like this, remove the bitterness of cucumber like this

1- Cut from the middle- The simplest and best way to cut cucumber is to cut the cucumber exactly from the middle with the help of a knife. Now cut the front and back parts and remove them. In this way the cucumber will never turn bitter. The bitterness is completely removed when the cucumber is plucked straight from the center. 

2- Cut the upper part and rub it- The second and most common method of cutting cucumber is to cut the cucumber a little from the top. Now apply some salt and keep rubbing the cut pieces in circular motions. When foam starts to form, then understand that bitterness is coming out. Similarly, make a cut from the other side and rub it. Now wash and cut the cucumber. This will remove the bitterness of the cucumber. 

3- After peeling, pierce it with a fork- The third way to cut cucumber is to cut the ends of the cucumber and peel the cucumber. Now, with the help of a fork, repeatedly (lengthwise) pierce the cucumber. This will show holes in the cucumber and after keeping it for a while, the bitterness of the cucumber will come out. Wash the cucumber before cutting it and then cut it and eat it.

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