Cultivation of this crop in Chhattisgarh can change the luck, not lakhs but crores will be earned, know how

Chhattisgarh News: Paddy cultivation is maximum in Chhattisgarh. Farmers have to take risk in paddy cultivation and water is also more than other crops. In such a situation, farmers cannot even think of earning lakhs to crores, but with time, changes are coming in farming. Now not lakhs but crores can be earned from farming. Let’s talk about one such crop today which can change your luck.

MSP for Millets
Cultivation of Kodo, Kutki and Ragi in Chhattisgarh is proving to be a boon for the farmers. In the last season, farmers had sold 34,298 quintals of millets at the support price for Rs 10 crore 45 lakh. Chhattisgarh is the only state in the country, where Kodo, Kutki and Ragi are being purchased at the support price and the work of its value addition is also being done. Kodo-Kutki is being procured at the rate of Rs.3000 per quintal and ragi at the rate of Rs.3377 per quintal at the support price.

Crores of profit
In the last one year, the number of farmers producing certified seeds has increased almost 5 times and the income from it has increased 4 times. In the year 2021-22, 3089 quintals of certified seeds were produced by 171 farmers from 11 districts of the state, which the Seed Corporation bought from the farmers at the rate of Rs. 4150 per quintal and paid them an amount of more than one crore 28 lakh 18 thousand. Have done. Certified seeds produced by the farmers of the state are also being given for sowing through cooperative societies.

It was sold at one and a quarter price
Let us tell you that earlier also the farmers used to cultivate Kodo, Kutki and Ragi but they did not get the right price for the crop. Due to this the farmers had to bear heavy losses. Now Chhattisgarh Millet Mission has been implemented. Due to this, the trend of farmers regarding the cultivation of Kodo, Kutki and Ragi (Millets) in the state has increased rapidly. Millets, which were earlier sold at half-price, are now being sold at good prices in the state of Chhattisgarh.

It seems less water than paddy 
In such agricultural land where paddy is produced nominally, it is more beneficial to cultivate Kodo. Kodo farming requires less water and less fertilizer. Due to this, the cost of its cultivation is very low and the profit to the productive farmers is high. To promote millets production in the state, it has been included in the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana. Millets producing farmers are being given input subsidy of Rs 9 thousand per acre like paddy farmers.

Target per acre
Additional Director of Seed Certification Institute, AB Asana said that the cultivation of Kodo, Kutki and Ragi is being continuously expanded in the state, due to which As a result, the area under its cultivation has increased from 69 thousand hectare to one lakh 88 thousand hectare in the state. Keeping in mind the promotion of millet cultivation, training of farmers, availability of high quality seeds and increase in productivity, the Millet Mission is being run in the state. Under the Chhattisgarh Millet Mission, a target has also been set to double the productivity of millet from 4.5 quintals per acre to 9 quintals.

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