Customers were not depositing electricity bills for many years, the electricity company took away coolers, TVs from home.

Electricity Bill Recovery Trend: You must have read a lot about the recovery and its methods from the bank and finance company. In the recovery of auto loan, the recovery agents of the private finance company often pick up the vehicle that the customer had bought, but this method was limited to the bank and the finance company. You have hardly ever heard about other companies adopting this method for recovery of their dues, but a similar case has come to the fore in Madhya Pradesh.

Here, what the company is doing to recover the electricity bill, its discussions are happening everywhere. In fact, here the power company is taking away personal things like TV, fridge from people’s house for not paying the electricity bill.

Electricity company will compensate the bill with goods

According to media reports, such a unique case has come to the fore from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. Here the responsibility of power supply is in the hands of a private company. This company has now marked such consumers who have not paid the electricity bill for a long time. Now the company is going to the homes of such customers and picking up their personal belongings. The report claimed that on November 20, employees of the power company took away fridges, TVs, coolers, heaters and other things from some houses. The company says that these confiscated goods will be confiscated and the bill will be reimbursed from the amount received from it.

200 people owe 1.70 crore bills

An employee named Rajesh Harod, associated with the concerned electricity company, says that people here have been using electricity for 1 year, but are not paying the bill even after several reminders. There are many customers on whom the company’s bill of about 40 to 90 thousand rupees is outstanding. The company is confiscating goods from the houses of such defaulters. Now the customers whose goods have been confiscated have not paid the bill for 2-3 years. About 200 people in the city owe Rs 1.70 crore to the power company.

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