CWG 2022: Laborer’s son won gold in Birmingham, once used to do zari and sewing work himself

Achinta Sheuly Journey: Commonwealth Games are going on against 2022. At the same time, Indian weightlifter Achinta Sheuli won the gold medal. In the snatch, he lifted a weight of 137 kg in the first lift. At the same time, the load of 139 kg was lifted in the second lift. After this, Achinta lifted a load of 143 kg in the third lift. In clean and jerk, Achinta Sheuly lifted 170 kg in the second attempt. In this way, he won the gold medal with a weight of 313 kg. 2022 Commonwealth Games. Interestingly, all the gold has come in weightlifting.

Sewing work other than Zari

However, Achinta Sheuli’s life has not been easy. Also, his story is not less than any Bollywood film. Actually, Achinta Sheuli’s father used to work as a laborer. Apart from this, he also used to drive a rickshaw. Not only this, after this Achinta Sheuli did zari work. Apart from doing zari work, he did many small works. Also he did sewing work.

Born on 24 November 2001 in Howrah, West Bengal, Achinta’s father used to work as a rickshaw puller to support the family. Apart from this, he also used to do labor work. Actually, Achinta learned about weightlifting for the first time in 2011. At that time Achinta was only 10 years old.

Father’s death made things worse

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