Dandruff problem will be overcome by the use of ginger

Dandruff occurs due to dirt in the hair due to dust during the summer, which increases the problem of itching in the hair. There can be other reasons for dandruff. Apart from excessive dry scalp, bacterial infections and other reasons can also cause a person to have dandruff problem, then ginger can be used to remove the problem of dandruff from the hair. Ginger can be applied to the hair in different ways. Let us know how we can apply ginger to our hair. It can also be used as oil. All you have to do for this is that you heat any carrier oil like coconut oil lightly and now add a few drops of ginger essential oil and mix it. Now massage your scalp with this. Apart from this, you can grate ginger and mix it in any hair oil and leave it for a few days, then use it regularly, soon you will get rid of dandruff.

Rins- Hair rinse can also be made with the help of ginger. It will not only add shine to your hair, but will also treat dandruff. For this, mix one teaspoon apple side vinegar and ginger juice in a cup of rice water, now after washing the hair, rinse it with this water. 

shampoo- If you want to apply ginger on your hair and scalp in a very easy and safe way, then this method can be the best. For this, add a little sulfate free shampoo and a spoonful of ginger juice to it. Now mix it and clean your hair with this Shampoo will not only get rid of dandruff but will also clean the hair from any other dirt and make your hair healthy.

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