Dastan-Go: Keep the Guru on your head, let’s obey… and on the go he became Ashutosh Rana!

Daastaan-Go ; Ashutosh Rana Birth Anniversary: ​​… every year revered Dadda used to say that son, this year someone else has to fight. And while doing, he brought me till the last year. Then I said – Dadda, now the university president has also become ours. So said that no son, there is a drama school (National Institute of Drama) in Delhi. So now is the time to convert your hobby into your business… this is what he told me in 1991. What he said and we got selected in the first attempt. From there we passed out in 1994, from NSD, then Dadda said- son, now you have to go to Mumbai. So he went to Mumbai.

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