‘Death for some, imprisoned for others’ – Ukrainian forces preparing for ‘final battle’ of Mariupol

Russia Ukraine War: Ukrainian Forces are in a bid to establish their control over the southern port of Mariupol, which has been besieged by Russia since the attack. "final battle" are preparing for. Marines in the city said this on Monday.

According to news agency AFP, the 36th Marine Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said on Facebook, "Today will probably be the last battle, because the ammunition is running out." The brigade said, "It is death for some of us, and imprisonment for the rest."  It said it was guarding the port for 47 days and to maintain control of the city "every possible and impossible" done.

The enemy slowly pushed us back
The sailors said that this is where "the enemy slowly pushed us back" And "Surrounded us by fire, and is now trying to destroy us." He said about half of his men were injured. The mountain of wounded makes up almost half of the brigade. Those whose limbs are not torn, they return to the war."

drivers and operators also involved in the war
"The infantrymen were all killed and the battle of shooting is now being carried out by artillery, anti-aircraft gunners, radio operators, drivers and cooks. Even the orchestra is involved in this." The Marines complain about the lack of support from the military leadership of Ukraine: "No one wants to communicate with us anymore because we have been written off."

Feartest Battle in Mariupol
The fiercest battle in Mariupol has been fought since the Kremlin launched its offensive on Ukraine, almost tossing the city to the ground. Thousands of civilians are believed to have died in the city.  The Russian military said fighting had recently centered in the city’s Azovstal Iron and Steel Works and the port. Those who escaped have spoken of excruciating conditions of hunger and cold, and that civilians are hiding in basements.

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