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Actress Debattama Saha, who is currently essaying the lead in the show ‘Mithai’, recently revealed how she learned the Braj language to get into the skin of her character.

During her recent conversation with BT, the actress said, “It was indeed challenging to understand the Braj language, but I believe a specific language can’t be a barrier for an actor. I undoubtedly faced difficulties and challenges to grasp the character’s diction, but I am trying my level best to get it right. Also, grasping the U.P. dialects and their nuances has been a difficult task, but I believe this will definitely help me explore my boundaries as an artist and grow as a performer.”

She added, “I managed to step into the character easily because I connected and accustomed myself to her lifestyle well before I could shoot for it. Prior to getting on to portray a new role on-screen, I always give myself some time to rehearse for the part. That way I am always well prepared to step into the shoes of a character. However, for ‘Mithai’, to bring the cultural essence, we filmed the initial episodes in the real locations from where the character belongs. I learned a few skills and the local dialect which are important for the character. It was a little challenging for me to communicate because Brajwasis speak a distinct language, which is Braj Bhasha.”

Talking about her prep for the role, Debattama said, “I was curious to understand the culture and everything about it. I am someone always looking out to learn something new and I am working so hard to do justice to the local dialect and match it up with my character. I believe using these methods greatly eases the actor’s job. During my stay in the city and interacting with the locals, I got a chance to take it all in with its glory and splendor.”

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