Delhi government will help those starting startups on other alternatives to single use plastic

Delhi Pollution: Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai organized a training program on Single Use Plastic and Plastic Waste Management by Environment Department in collaboration with United Nations Environment Program organized at Delhi Secretariat on Friday. launched the Environment Minister Gopal Rai, while addressing the training program on Single Use Plastic and Plastic Waste Management organized in collaboration with UNEP, said that the Environment Ministry under the leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is taking every appropriate step against pollution.

< p> Against the increasing pollution in Delhi, the Summer Action Plan on the lines of the Winter Action Plan has also been started by the department. Awareness campaign is necessary to stop single use plastic items, as well as there is a need for mass movement to stop its use. He further said that unless other options are promoted, it will not be solved. 

Single use plastic has become a major cause of pollution in Delhi
Gopal Rai said that the use of single use plastic has a big role in pollution.  Single use plastics such as plastic carry-thorns, straw polythene, plastic glasses which cannot be reused when thrown away. In such a situation, people sometimes try to destroy it by burying it in the ground or burning it to eliminate it, which is also a serious threat to air, water and land pollution. 

Knowledge needed for waste management
There is a need for adequate information for effective management of plastic waste, not only for those who produce this waste but also for those who use it. Pick up and manage it. This training program, conducted in collaboration with UNEP, will provide better information to the people working in this field as well as make it easier to adopt the legal process related to it.

Startups on single use plastics or other options Delhi Government will help in
Environment Minister Gopal Rai told that Delhi Government will give assistance to startups on other options of single use plastic, for this an action plan has been prepared. To curb single use plastic items and to implement the Plastic Waste Management Act, the Delhi government has drawn up a framework for adopting several alternative models. Along with this, the government will also provide assistance to those starting work on alternative models of single use plastic.

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