Delhi government will soon make a summer action plan, a plan to reduce pollution is ready

Less role of Delhi in pollution
Environment Minister Gopal Rai said that after the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party government, continuous work has been done to reduce the pollution level of Delhi. As a result of those measures, there has been a reduction in pollution. The level of pollution has been studied by CSE, TERI, in which Delhi’s own role is less. Giving information, the Environment Minister told the media that 31 percent of the air pollution in Delhi comes from Delhi itself, that is, from local places, but a large amount of 69 percent is from outside. 

14 points will be given attention
Preparing the claim to improve the environment through statistics, Rai said that, the result of the work being done by the government is that, in 2018 53 There were achche din (air quality), now there are 72 good days or achche din, there has been an increase in achche din in terms of air quality. Rai said that a similar meeting has been called again on April 11, in which the Summer Action Plan will be announced and 14 points will be focused in it to take the environment in a better direction. In which attention will be given to open waste burning, fire incidents at places like Ghazipur landfill, roadside green belt, rejuvenation of lakes, urban farming, development of green parks, tree plantation etc. 

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