Dera Premi Pradeep Murder: Encounter in Jaipur’s Ramnagariya, shooter Raj Hooda narrowly escaped

Jaipur News: The matter of encounter by AGTF in Jaipur of wanted sixth shooter Raj Hooda in Pradeep Singh Murder Case of Dera lover of Punjab is coming to the fore. It is being told that gangster criminal Raju Hooda was shot in the leg in the firing during the police encounter. Raj Hooda narrowly escaped in this firing incident.

After the encounter, the Ramnagariya police team of Jaipur has arrested him. Please tell that on November 10, Dera lover Pradeep was murdered a few days back. 5 shooters involved in the incident were caught earlier. And the sixth shooter Raj Hooda was absconding. On which action has been taken in Jaipur.

Weapon recovered
All the wanted shooters in the famous Dera Premi Pradeep murder case are now in police custody. The weapons used from the arrested accused have also been recovered. Dera lover Pradeep Singh was murdered a few days back in Faridkot, Punjab. The police team was continuously taking action for this. The AGTF of Punjab Police had reached Jaipur chasing him. He had fled from there towards Ramnagariya.  When AGTF laid siege to Raj Hooda in Ramnagariya, there was firing. 

Police arrested the accused
Raj Hooda was shot in the leg during the encounter with the police. After the encounter, the police took the injured Raj Hooda to the hospital. The DGP of Punjab Police Gaurav Yadav has also confirmed about Ramjan Khan alias Raj Hooda, the eagle of the competition. Due to this action of Punjab Police, an atmosphere of chaos was created here.

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