Diabetes Diet: Diabetes patients should stay away from these fruits, otherwise there may be problem

Harmful Fruits :  Fruits are considered very beneficial for a healthy body. By consuming fruits, you can remove many types of diseases. Many types of fibers, vitamins, calcium, etc. are found in fruits. In such a situation, the consumption of fruits is considered good for digestion. Apart from this, from reducing weight by consuming fruits, serious diseases like cancer can be prevented, but do you know that there are some fruits that diabetics should not eat at all. Yes, there are some healthy fruits around us which can be harmful for diabetics. Today in this article we will tell you about such fruits from which diabetic patients should keep distance. 

Dangerous fruits for diabetes patients

Health experts say that fruits whose glycemic index is between 70 to 100,  They have a lot of sugar in them. Consumption of these fruits is healthy for diabetics. At the same time, the consumption of fruits whose glycemic index is above 100 is not considered beneficial for diabetics. Let’s know about such fruits-

Pineapple is Unhealthy

Make distance from the consumption of mango

Cherry distance

Cherry is very good in terms of taste and health, but its consumption should be avoided in diabetes. 

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