Dictator’s daughter came to the world for the first time, Kim Jong-un brought along to show missile test

Kim jong un daughter: North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong’s name is included in the world’s most dangerous leaders. People also call him as a crazy dictator. Kim has so many enemies that he leads a very secretive life. The world knows very little about his family members as well. After Kim Jong-un in the family, his younger sister Kim Yo-jong occasionally comes in front of the media. However, now the world has started recognizing the daughter of a cynical dictator. Kim himself brought his daughter to the world. 

Kim Jong brought his daughter in front of the world for the first time on Friday. Kim brought him with him to show military weapons. North Korea’s official channel KCNA showed the picture of his daughter with Kim Jong Un to the whole world. In the picture, Kim Jong is showing military weapons to his daughter. During this, the daughter is also holding her father’s hand. The government channel has not revealed the daughter’s name.

Daughter shown missile launch

According to the information, Kim Jong showed the launching of ballistic missile to his daughter. The media claims that on Friday, North Korea tested a very high-tech and long-range ballistic missile from Pyongyang International Airfield. According to media reports, this missile has covered 999.2 km. Had flown till. Kim Jong’s family was also present with him at the time of the launch of this missile. His wife and daughter had also come to see the missile launching. They were clapping when the missile was launched.

Kim Jong has 3 children

Kim’s wife’s name is Ri Sol. No one knows when both of them got married. North Korea’s official media did not give information about Kim’s marriage till July 2012. In the year 2012 itself, Ri Sol became pregnant. In 2018, North Korea honored her with the honor of First Lady. Earlier, he was called only as Comrade. According to South Korea’s National Security Agency, Kim has 3 children. 

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